Rules and Regulations

All Paying Guests will need to attach a certification / confirmation letters from local guardian and head of the institute / company (duly stamped) along with application form for Paying Guest Accommodation along with a copy of her photo Id proof.

  1. That the Paying Guest Management will provide bed (one bed per person) for the Paying Guest in sharing basis in shared cubicles / rooms in the Paying Guest Accommodation.
  • That all basic facilities will be provided by the FIRST party viz. single bed with mattress, head locker, Almirah, TV, Hot Water (only during winter), Aqua Guard and incoming telephone call facility.
  • That the Paying Guest will pay ₹ 6500/- (Rupees Six Thousand Five hundred only) per month per guest within 10th of every month to the paying Guest Management and no default will be accepted. This Paying Guest agreement is for a period of one year and if any paying guest leaves the accommodation before the termination of her Paying Guest agreement (which is one year) then the deposit money may be forfeited.
  • The Paying Guest Management has the right to terminate the agreement with the Paying Guest if the Paying Guest for some reason has violated the standing rules as mentioned in this agreement laid out by the Paying Guest Management or has violated any law of the country.
  • The Paying Guest Management will provide meals of moderate standard to the Paying Guest which is agreed upon between the parties.
  • An advance of ₹ 13000/- (Rupees Thirteen Thousand only) will need to be paid as deposit money for each Paying Guest which will be returned after adjustment of her dues, compensation etc. as mentioned above in her staying period when the Paying Guest finally leaves and vacates the accommodation. No money will be refunded if the Paying Guest leaves before completion of one year. This contract is renewable after 1 (one) year.
  • The Paying Guest shall be permitted to meet visitors only in the visiting hours at the visiting room of the Paying Guest accommodation. Since all the rooms are on sharing basis, no visitors are allowed in the room. Visitors will not be permitted to visit the Paying Guest at any other time without the prior permission of the Paying Guest Management. Paying Guest Management reserves the right to disallow a visitor from meeting any Paying Guest.
  • Visiting Hours (for parents & outsiders) will be as follows :
  • Saturday : 4:00 PM to 7 PM
  • Sunday   : 2.30 PM to 7PM.
  1. All Paying Guests will have to enter their respective Paying Guest Accommodation by 8 PM positively. If any Paying Guest is late then she will not be permitted inside the Paying Guest Accommodation till the respective parents call the management to inform.
  2. If any Paying Guest is going for tuition, then she will have to submit all details of the tuition teacher along with the phone number and address to the management along with the written permission of the parents for entering the Paying Guest Accommodation after 8 PM. 
  3. Without the prior permission of the parents, no Paying Guest will be allowed to stay out at night.
  4. No outside person / student will be allowed inside the Paying Guest accommodation without the permission of the management. Any person / student who is not a resident of the Paying Guest Accommodation, will also not be allowed to assemble outside the gate of the PG accommodation.
  5. No food charges will be refunded on any vacation except during summer vacations. It will be refunded once the new session begins after summer holidays.
  6. Only during Durga Puja festival the PG will be completely closed till Lakshmi Puja as per college rules.
  7. If a Paying Guest has opted for Non – Veg food, she will not be able to opt for Veg Food or Vice Versa unless One Month’s notice is given on prior basis.
  8. No Paying Guest is allowed inside the kitchen to cook.
  9.  If a Paying Guest orders for food from outside, it has to be delivered within 10 PM strictly. Any parcel or food being delivered after 10 PM will be returned from the gate without any exception to this rule.
  10. Due to COVID-19 situation, all parcel and food items brought from outside will have to be sanitized near the gate before taking it into the room
  11. If a Paying Guest decides not to have lunch or dinner then she will have to inform in advance. Otherwise outside food will not be allowed.
  12. Lemon will be served only when it is available
  1. Paying Guests shall not lead an extravagant, careless and reckless life.
  2. Paying Guests shall not in any manner whatsoever create any disturbance or chaos in her       accommodation. 
  3. No Birthday celebration will be allowed at midnight which will lead to loud noises.
  4. Paying Guests shall not use defamatory and / or abusive language.
  5. Paying Guests shall not switch on the TV at the time of study period or at the time of examination.
  6. Paying Guests shall always obey and respect the Paying Guest Management and they will not do anything so as to cause any annoyance or injury to them.
  7. Paying Guests will not damage or destroy or cause any deterioration of the properties and article of the First Party.
  8. Paying Guests will not be allowed to hang their washed wet clothes inside the rooms/cubicles.
  9. Paying Guests shall at all times pursue her academic obligations / studies with utmost sincerity, dedication and honesty.
  10.  Paying Guests may not be allowed to stay in the Paying Guest Accommodation during college hours except during illness which must be reported to the Paying guest Management.
  11. Paying Guests will have to enter the IN/OUT register maintained by the Paying Guest Management as and when they leave and enter the Paying Guest Accommodation. There is no exception to this rule.
  12. If any Paying Guests is staying outside the Paying Guest Accommodation for the night, the parents will have to inform the authority in advance and also send a signed letter to the Paying Management stating when the Paying Guest will return to the Paying Guest Accommodation. The Paying Guest Management will not be responsible for any untoward incident.

The Paying Guest Management shall be at liberty to impose penal measures as it deems fit and proper in the event of violation of any rules and regulations and the code of conduct by the Paying Guest, including imposing of fine and or cessation or suspension of her admission. In case of imposition of fine, if a Paying Guest fails / neglects to pay this to the Paying Guest Management within the stipulated time, the Paying Guest Management will have the right to recover such fine from the security deposit and may also suspend the Paying Guests admission.

If the Paying Guest is apprehended by the police or college authority or any other law enforcing authority in connection with allegations of having committed any offence punishable by law, the parents and /or guardian of the Second Party concerned shall be   informed by the Paying Guest authority and the Paying Guests admission shall be ceased. The Paying Guests will be required to vacate and leave the premises immediately.

  1. Smoking, taking narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances and consumption of alcohol and / or possession thereof are strictly prohibited.
  • Electrical gadgets / instruments like heater, emersion rod, toaster, cooler etc and electrical item like hair drier, irons, sound system, television etc are not permitted to be kept and /or used in the Paying Guest accommodation. Any Paying Guest violating the rule will be charged ₹ 5000 as spot fine or it will be adjusted from the deposit amount.
  • Lights and fans should be switched off when leaving the cubicles /rooms. If the Paying Guest sharing the room / cubicle is seen violating this rule they will charged a fine of ₹ 50 per person.
  • Ragging in any form including pestering, humiliating, defaming, provoking, coercing, assaulting,  torturing whether mentally or physically is strictly prohibited.
  • Agitating, demonstration and disrupting the harmony and / or functioning of the Paying Guest Accommodation, whether individually or as a group with or without the support and assistance of outsider are strictly prohibited.
  • Postering, colouring, canvassing, damaging of wall, doors etc are prohibited.
  • Illegal and / or immoral activity and habits / practice of an unbecoming nature, which are injurious or harmful for the fellow Paying Guests are strictly prohibited.
  1. The Paying Guest will have to compensate the Paying Guest Management for the damage/ loss of properties like:
  2. Loss of cupboard keys
  3. Furniture and fittings
  4. Electrical, Plumbing, Gadgets and other items.
  5. Mattress
  1. Mobile phone usage is strictly not allowed inside the Paying Guest Accommodation after midnight unless there is an emergency.
  2. Second Party will have to pay a deposit amount before the start of occupancy.
  1. Full month charges will be payable in advance by the Paying Guest before proceeding out of station on leave / holiday.
  1. Monthly charges will be payable in advance by the 10th day of every month.
  1. Paying Guests will have to pay in advance for the month when they are going for vacation.
  1. If the Paying Guest fails to pay her dues within stipulated period she will have to pay a fine of ₹ 20 per day.
  • Any serious illness or health problem of the Paying Guest must be informed to the Paying Guest Management immediately. If the Paying Guest is found to be suffering from a contagious or infectious disease or other such diseases, which in the opinion of Paying Guest Management is unsafe for the other Paying Guests, the Paying Guest shall be given leave from the Paying Guest Accommodation. The Paying Guest can resume her accommodation after her recovery. A fitness certificate is necessary from a registered doctor in such cases.
  • Paying Guests wishing to stay out overnight and / or going away on leave holiday etc. must inform the Paying Guest Management in writing one day in advance and must get a letter from her parents / Guardian specifying her date of return to the Paying Guest Accommodation.
  • The Paying Guest Management will not be held responsible for loss of any costly items like jewellery, camera, laptop, PC, mobile phone, money etc. owned by the Paying Guest.
  • Paying Guest Fees / Charges will be reviewed every year before the beginning of the next term and based on agreed terms, a fresh agreement will be signed.
  • If any Paying Guest wants to attend any Ceremony or Social Occasion, she should take prior permission from the Paying Guest Management and should return to the Paying Guest accommodation within 10 PM the same day.
  • In case of default of payment by the Paying Guest, the Paying Guest Management reserves the right to remove the Paying Guest from the Paying Guest Accommodation along with all her belongings without giving any further notice.
  • Veg and Non-Veg meal will be made available for the parents of Paying Guests at a nominal cost only if they so request in advance.
  • Only once during the year the, the Paying Guest Accommodation will remain completely closed during Durga Puja till Laxmi Puja as per college rules. During other long vacations the Paying Guest Management may keep any one of the Paying Guest Accommodations open for Paying Guests who had wished to stay back for some important work and all Paying Guests irrespective of their allotted accommodation will have to shift to the Paying Guest Accommodation which will be operative. In such times maintenance and clean-up jobs of the Paying Guest Accommodations are also taken up and above rule will be applied in such circumstances too. No exception is allowed. 
  • The decision of the Paying Guest Management in all matter shall be final and binding on the Paying Guest / Second Party as the case may be.